Helpful Tips

School Board/Principal Approval

The approval process can vary from school to school but generally you need approval from the school board members and/or the principal. Here is our full library of online videos.

Purchase Order and School Paperwork Process

Most schools require a purchase order to be issued to allocate funds for a deposit payment. Regardless of the time of year and time before your arrival, it’s important to get this set early on.


In dealing with chaperones, parents, students, your school’s administration, and camp it can all add up really quick. Rest assured we will do everything we can to make it easy for you on our end. We recommend getting a binder with tabbed sections. Arranging the paperwork for each part of the planning in its own section will go along way to ensuring your preparation goes smooth. Sections can include but are definitely not limited to: Camp, Schedule, Chaperones, Students, Waivers, Chaperones, School.

Parent Information Night

Now that your trip has been approved by your administration it’s important to present the opportunity for parents and students to find out about the trip. Many schools put on a night for parents to get information about the trip to camp. A good opportunity to do so is any kind of open house event your school might do. It’s important to do this early in the year. This is to ensure parents and students have time to adequately fund raise and prepare for packing. We have information forms for parent that give a general overview of what your time will look like. We also have a handful of videos online showing off different aspects of camp.

Parental Consent and Permission

After providing and accurate representation of what the program looks like, be sure to have parents fill out a permission slip. We provide a packing list and dietary restrictions after successful booking. Be sure to include these forms so your students are well prepared for their time at camp.


You are going to need help managing all your students at camp. We recommend and allow one chaperone per every five students to come for FREE. Meeting this minimum chaperone number will make your time at camp a breeze. Moms and dads are always looking for an excuse to get out of the office. What better way then being outside and being involved in their school. It’s important to make clear the expectations you have for the chaperones. They need to get involved during the trip, and keep all students on task. We provide a chaperone letter in our booking guide.


Get creative! Bake sales, car washes, trivia night, obstacle courses, parents night out, community cleanup, movie nights, principal challenge, community nights at local restaurants. There is no limit to the ideas you can come up with. Successful events include those that get the students and parents involved in doing a productive, cerebral or fun activity together. There are a ton of resources online to get inspiration from. Some schools might even get a local business to sponsor the trip in exchange for their logo on t-shirts or similar form factor.


In coordinating to getting to camp, you will need to consider a few options. If your group is smaller, you may consider having the students ride with chaperones on the way to camp. This depends on your chaperone availability and car capacities. The next option would be to have a traditional charter or school bus shuttle your students to camp. While it’s the most popular option, it can also be the most expensive. Another option to consider assuming you had the chaperone availability, is having all students ride with chaperones. While you may be over your free chaperone ratio (1 chaperone for every 5 students), it may be cheaper to pay for a few extra chaperones than it is to pay for busses for arrival and departure. Any chaperones above the ratio will be charged half the student rate. A 3 day 15 passenger van rental might run you about $400.00 per van, which turns out to about $26.00 per student versus a 54 passenger charter bus which might run closer to $32.00 per student. This $6.00 savings per student can really add up!

Groups and Sizes

In preparation for camp activities, you will have each student assigned to a day group, and a cabin group. Each cabin’s capacity is 10, that puts 8 or so students in each cabin group. For day groups, our activities operate best with 15 students per group. We recommend taking one boy cabin and one girl cabin and combining them into one day group. This ensures a more diverse group that yields an even group dynamic. We recommend coming up with a naming convention for your groups. A common and easy way is assigning each cabin group a color. For example, you would have a blue boys cabin, and a blue girls cabin; they would then during the day be in the blue day group.


Some schools elect to have t-shirts made for the trip. This is where you can have some leverage with a local business in sponsoring your trip in exchange for their logo or group of logos on the back. These businesses are looking for ways to donate their tax dollars to local schools and organizations. Insurance companies, dentists, new businesses in town, mechanic shops. Make the pitch to them that they are supporting today’s youth, America’s future through this exciting opportunity for your students. Businesses are always looking for ways to get a tax break when tax time comes, they can keep their taxes supporting local schools buy donating to your school. You are doing them a favor!