What Teachers Are Saying


Nicki Keagle - 5th grade teacher

The Spring of 2019 will be our 22nd trip to Friendly Pines Camp. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. They offer so many choices of activities for the students. Each year we have added more and more camp run activities to our schedule. Our students take part in outdoor education classes, ropes course, rock wall, horseback riding and nightly activities as well which includes a campfire with songs, stories and s'mores, and a game night. Friendly Pines is with me every step of the way planning the trip so that when we arrive the trip runs smoothly. Anything we need is given to us or made available for us to use. They are seriously the nicest staff of people to work with. I always look forward to seeing my students actively involved in things they don't get to do daily. They get out of their comfort zones and try new things. They are able to work together and share in each other's success as they conquer things they never knew they could do. Friendly Pines is a great experience for students. We have been doing this trip since the school opened an it is the highlight of their elementary school experience. You can ask any child and they will tell you that the memories they make from this trip last a lifetime.


Liz Cohen - 5th Grade teacher

As of 2019, Madison Meadows has been visiting Friendly Pines for over 20 years. At the very beginning (before I arrived) Meadows visited another facility that our school quickly outgrew. Friendly Pines is able to accommodate our extremely large group (over 200 students, parents, and teachers) and does so with enthusiasm. Their facilities are top notch and they are extremely helpful and accommodating. They modify things to fit our needs and are friendly, professional, and personable while doing so. The staff is extremely accommodating. They have been able to work with the various needs (physical, dietary, etc) of all of our students. The staff keeps in regular contact with us throughout the year and makes sure that all of our needs are met. When weather has been an issue/problems have come up, they have done everything possible to make sure that our students still have a rewarding and enjoyable experience. We look forward to visiting Friendly Pines each year. The kids talk about the experience for weeks/months afterwards and the older students always ask if they can come again. What their staff is doing to help make the trip enjoyable sticks with them. I personally look forward to seeing all of the people who work there each year. You guys makes us feel welcome/like we are part of the family and the staff is one of the main reasons I would not want to use any other facility. The environment up there is fabulous as well. If you have the opportunity to go to Friendly Pines, definitely do so. You won't be disappointed. The trip is one that you will enjoy, the staff will help take care of all of your needs and your students will have the time of their lives. We come back every year because Friendly Pines is the best. The staff, activities, facilities are top notch.


Kathryn Hilleary - 5th Grade Teacher

We loved every minute of it. The kids had a blast and it was such a huge success that we cannot wait to return for our 2nd year in a row! The closeness of the camp made it a great choice. Students and parents could easily get around and the cabins were in the same area so it was easy to know where everyone was all of the time! We loved how courteous the staff was. Everyone was so easy to work with and very accommodating to all of our needs. We got great feedback from parents about how amazing the chef was and how impressive they were in helping with our food allergies and food needs. As a busy teacher, planning a large field trip like this is incredibly time consuming, but with Friendly Pines it is easy to get it done because the new Outdoor School had so many great options. I was personally impressed with how much the staff checked in with me and how much care went into soliciting feedback for the newly redesigned program. We loved the entire program and the kids learned so much—in fact, today in my science class I heard groups of kids recall what they had learned at Friendly Pines by saying “Remember, when we were doing archery…” to help a classmate understand an energy concept. I couldn’t ask for more as a teacher. I look forward to memories and the bonds that we make with our students. I love seeing their eyes light up when they are having fun and even when they conquer their fears. It is such a great team building trip and it’s fun for the students to see their teachers in a setting like this. We ask so much of them in school, so seeing them in this setting is an amazing experience and makes me so proud as their teacher to see them come out of their shell a bit to experience something new. I have told other teachers about our great experience and have recommended the camp for the great staff, great dining facilities, and great experiences. Friendly Pines made it such a great experience overall that it was an easy choice to return. We love the site and the experiences we have there.


Lisa miller - 5th Grade Teacher

Our school has been going to Friendly Pines for at least 12 years. 2019 is my 10th year teaching 6th grade and we have attended Friendly Pines every year. I like Friendly Pines because they have small cabins instead of dorm style accommodations. The small size allows smaller group sizes that are more manageable for chaperones as well as a more intimate setting for students to forge new friendships and build team unity. Our students enjoy learning and observing in the various outdoor environments such as the pine tree forest and pond life. The staff is always accommodating and very helpful in advance planning and communication. The camp is well maintained and clean prior to our arrival. Each year, Friendly Pines works to improve certain aspects of the camp from updating cabins to expanding the dining hall. Every year the majority of the positive feedback from our students about their camp experience is the food! The camp staff is great about preparing plenty of food and accommodating any special dietary needs of our students. The ropes course is another highlight; they love the teamwork, team building, and problem solving of both the field games and low ropes elements. Friendly Pines is now offering an all inclusive outdoor education program to make planning easier on teachers. The staff is very accommodating in every way. They listen to our feedback and suggestions and are available to help with problems at all times during the day and night. It is pretty easy to get around the main camp area.